Collaborative writing platform

It's an innovative writing app that allows people to write collaboratively, taking turns like a game.

  • It amassed hundreds of users in the first month of launch.
  • It was also chosen as World Finalist for Microsoft Imagine Cup 2017.
  • Featured on Puerto Rico's biggest newspaper, ENDI
  • Featured in BetaList, NextPR, Product Hunt, etc.
Programming community

Alphasquare, now closed, was a social network for programmers I made as a hobby a few years ago, along with a few friends.

  • Amassed over a hundred users, many active.
  • Sprouted a friendly and healthy environment for programming discussion.
Music discovery engine

A social music discovery engine. I created this project as a new way to discover music, and it has several very innovative features.

Data science project

An academic performance mapping application. Built with the official Puerto Rican Gov't APIs, it mapped schools around Puerto Rico and categorized their academic performance, for easy viewing.

  • Third place in Statistics competition at HackPR.
Branding project

Puerto Rico Puede is a small campaign to promote Puerto Rico's tech scene. I created this branding campaign to promote the tech sphere in my country. I haven't fully launched it yet but it will one day. It remains one of my dreams.

Other projects