Things I've made

Below is a list of products and digital creations I've shipped.

Makerlog The dead-simple task log for makers.

Makerlog is the dead-simple task log for product makers!


  • #3 Product of the Day on Product Hunt
Opsbot Don't suffer DevOps. Hire a robot.

Opsbot is an upcoming product for indie makers.

Don’t suffer DevOps. Hire a robot.

Alphasquare Social network for programmers

Alphasquare, now closed, was a social network for programmers I made as a hobby a few years ago, along with a few friends.


  • Amassed over a hundred users, many active.
  • Sprouted a friendly and healthy environment for programming discussion.
Taleship Tell stories, together

Taleship was a collaborative writing platform.


  • It amassed hundreds of users in the first month of launch.
  • It was also chosen as World Finalist for Microsoft Imagine Cup 2017.
  • Featured on Puerto Rico’s biggest newspaper, ENDI
  • Featured in BetaList, NextPR, Product Hunt, etc.