Launching Makerlog 2.0

A huge step forward for Makerlog.

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I am proud to announce the immediate availability of the Makerlog redesign to the public!

After months of hard work (and tons of live streams!), Makerlog 2.0 is finally out there for the public.


As you can probably tell, I am very excited. πŸ˜„


This update brought a (needed) facelift to Makerlog to welcome the new year, plus a ton of other minor changes you will notice as you use it!

The new and improved design

The first change you’ll notice is a refreshed and reimagined design, fixing many usability issues of the past.

I don’t have much to say other than: it’s awesome, and you’ll love it! It’s a new and improved take on Makerlog that aligns with future goals and growth aspirations. Makerlog is not a task managament app - it’s a community, and this is the foundation for a long time to come.

GIFs and Markdown in comments

Yes, I consider this a major change. Because GIFs and Markdown are life.

screenshot 3

“But Sergio, how does this make me more productive?”

Well, if you use GIFs to express yourself, you don’t have to type as much, and that saves you valuable time. πŸ˜‰

screenshot 4

In all seriousness, Markdown is a great addition to improve the quality of discussion on Makerlog tasks.

An all-new integrations store

We now have an all-new app store to showcase community creations and official Makerlog integrations!

screenshot 2

Thanks for reading!

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